About Us

Artkala is DIY tutorials, tips and how to channel and we offer free DIY video for different occasions and purposes. Whether you are student and want to learn something new in holiday season or housewife at home with motivation to utilize your time and build something to decorate your house our website and our youtube chanell is the place for that.

Puja,Pawan & Sneha creators of Artkala youtube channel where we put latest and innovative DIY ideas. This channel is all about DIY, lifehack, tutorials, nail art and other awesome ideas that pop on my mind.We always strive to upload the best quality content on our channel. The best part is that we create beautiful stuffs from waste and useless items laying around in your home. All of our DIY video tutorials is very easy and simple to follow, perfect for beginners, explained step by step and achievable at home

Usually materials easily available in your nearby store or as scrap in your house but in case it’s tricky for you we have plans to sell DIY kits also to those who quickly and easily want to procure the materials used to create the project faster and with great finish.

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