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50 Most Profitable Crafts to Sell In 2021 [10,000 Rupees Per Month]

By ravipratap96

Are you looking for a fun & easy (beginner-friendly) way to make extra money? How about crafts that make money?

Anyone with a passion and strong desire can start a craft business but not all craft businesses make money.

If you enjoy crafting and making fancy stuff you can most probably turn your hobby into a business. Crafts and DIY can be a great way to make a side income, and some people have translated their crafting skills into full-time businesses. The secret to making money is selling crafts with the highest profit margin.

Not every craft sells well, though, and some are more profitable than others. To turn your hobby into a business, you not only need to know what buyers want but you need to be able to make a profit on every craft item you make.

The most profitable crafts don’t just sell well, they make you enough money to pay for your time and effort in addition to materials. 

So what are the best DIY projects to sell if you want to make money crafting? Here is a quick list of items to sell for profit:

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Most Profitable Jewelry Crafts


Jewelry making and selling is an exceptionally good craft to get into if you want to make money. Supplies are often inexpensive and easy to find.

More expensive jewelry supplies like gold and silver are materials consumers are willing to pay more money for so you can still make a great profit. And because most jewelry is lightweight you don’t have to worry about high shipping costs or storage space.


1. Beaded Jewelry

Beaded jewelry is a great business to make a profit with because supplies are inexpensive and widely available.

Beads, wire, and fasteners can be bought in bulk at super low prices. Making bracelets and earrings is easy to learn and allows you to be creative while starting your own business.


2. Enamel Pins

Enamel pins aren’t as easy to make as some other types of jewelry but can be sold for a great profit. If you have the design skills to make unique pins you can quickly recoup your investment and make a profit.


3. Stamped Metal Jewelry

Stamped metal is one of the biggest trends in jewelry, and with good reason. Buyers love pieces customized with names, dates, or special designs. Makers love that sheet metal is easy to work with and inexpensive.

The stamped metal trend isn’t limited to lockets and charms, though. It’s also popular for pet ID tags, silverware, and even bookmarks.


4. Recycled and Mixed Media Jewelry

Online retailers like Modcloth have popularized necklaces and earrings made from unconventional materials. This is great for jewelry makers looking to make the most profit off every piece because these materials can cost next to nothing!


Your imagination is truly the limit when you make charms or beads from discarded toys, scrap fabric, guitar picks, or even old computer parts.

Most Profitable Home Decor Crafts

With so many styles and products, anyone can find something they love to make in home decor. Making items for the home allows you to work with any style and with almost any material you want.

Home decor is also a great industry for repeat sales because buyers will come back to businesses they love many times.

1. Farmhouse Signs

Handpainted signs aren’t just one of the biggest decor trends out there right now, they’re also one of the most profitable crafts to make and sell.

Basic materials make a long-lasting piece of wall art that buyers will spend top dollars for. All you need is the canvas or reclaimed wood, paint, and a brush to get started.

The farmhouse style means that weathering, imperfections, and a hand-crafted aesthetic will actually create higher demand, which means you don’t have to be an expert to make money painting.



2. Vinyl Wall Art and Decals

Vinyl has become hugely popular over the years as a durable and inexpensiveway to make art. Vinyl decal makers quickly recoup their investment by selling a product that’s in high demand.


Wall and car decals are easy decorations that can be changed at any time. For a more upscale style, vinyl prints can be framed or applied directly to glass for simple graphic art.

3. Candles

Candle making is one of the largest and most profitable craft markets. There is a huge demand for a variety of different types of candles.

Decorative and scented candles are popular, candles for religious celebrations and ceremonies are always in demand and people need candles for special events like birthdays and holidays. There is an endless variety of types, sizes, and colors.

Candles also have a great profit margin since they can be made in large batches with relatively inexpensive materials.


4. Christmas Decorations

Most people only think about holiday decor a few weeks out of the year, but Christmas decorations are one of Etsy’s highest-grossing categories.

Ornaments, tree toppers, and home decor enjoy huge sales every year, and there’s so much variety that you can let your creativity run wild. Other bestsellers during the Christmas season are custom wrapping paper, gift tags, bags, and bows.

5. Art Prints

Art and photography aren’t always the most profitable businesses.

Startup costs and supplies can be expensive, which cuts into your profit margin. But if you sell prints of your paintings or photographs you can greatly increase your earnings by essentially selling the same piece several times over. 


While you will still have to invest in the materials needed for the original, every print you sell increases the value of your initial investment.

Most Profitable Beauty Crafts

The popularity of essential oils and aromatherapy means that handmade beauty supplies and bath products are more popular than ever.

While the techniques and supplies are basic, the variations are endless. Clever names and packaging can make these popular products even easier to sell for a profit.


1. DIY Bath Bombs

Bath bombs aren’t just a popular gift item, they’re also very easy to make! Inexpensive materials and a few drops of scented essential oils are all you need to make a luxury product shoppers will pay a premium for.


2. Lip Balm

Handmade lip balms are always in demand and are surprisingly easy to make. By creating unique flavors, designs, and packaging you can maximize your sales easily. Like candles, making lip balm in batches reduces the amount of labor and time needed to make this profitable craft.


3. Handmade Soaps

Handmade soaps have been popular for years, and it’s a great industry to make money at home. With inexpensive materials and minimal time, you can create products that sell for serious profits.

Making soaps allows for creativity too. By using different techniques, scents, herbs, and shapes you can make a unique product with ease.


Most Profitable Fabric Crafts

Handmade fabric crafts don’t have to be limited to time-consuming hobbies like quilting and dressmaking. While some beginner crafters are intimidated by the idea of sewing large items that require a lot of skills, many smaller sewn crafts are easy to make and can sell for much larger profits.

1. Pillows

Pillows and pillow covers are some of the most popular and profitable craft items for sale. Basic pillows are easy to make even for beginner sewers, and fabric can be purchased for just a few dollars a yard.

To truly maximize profits from this craft many makers use recycled fabric like old t-shirts or thrift store curtains to lower the price of materials.


2. Tote Bags

Canvas tote bags and reusable fabric bags are in high demand because they’re both stylish and functional. Like pillow covers, they require only basic sewingskills and can be made with inexpensive materials. Unique designs, scripts, or patterns can make a handmade tote bag stand out and sell for a huge return on investment.

3. Handmade Kids’ Clothing


The clothing industry can be a hard one to make profits in. Sewing clothes takes time and skill and shoppers are used to the low prices offered by fast fashion.

Handmade clothing for babies and young children is the exception, though. Shoppers will pay more for unique and fun kids’ clothes, especially for holidays and special occasions.

Smaller sizes also mean less material needed, which lowers your cost of production.

Want to learn how to make your baby clothing or sell for a profit with this easy-to-follow DIY series? 

Top-selling Paper Crafts: Most Profitable Papercrafts to Sell

You’d be forgiven to think that paper cannot be used as an income source. The use of paper is rather a form of art used to make miraculous creations that can be turned into profits. 

You were probably introduced to papercraft as a kid since it’s the most basic and favorite choice for kids. Despite this simplistic aspect, paper crafts possess a commercial appeal. Moreover, Paper is easy to manipulate and you just need a little know-how on folding to get this crafts business off the ground.

You’d be surprised to know that online marketplaces like Etsy do huge business in custom stationery. So, are you curious about the papercraft that can sell for top dollar? Let’s look at some paper craft ideas that sell.

1. Cards and Invitations

Greeting cards and invitations are always in demand and require minimal investment. If you have a talent for calligraphy or access to editing software you can design and sell stationery for little more than the cost of paper and ink.


2. Paper Flowers

They are one of the top-selling papercraft. What I love about making paper flowers is that it consists of limitless techniques since flowers come in different forms and shapes.

You can also learn paper folding for the best designs, including the Japanese origami styles. So, if you’ve always liked origami you might want to give paper flowers a try.

Paper flower crafts have gained popularity over the last few years as a more affordable and longer-lasting alternative to fresh flowers. They’ve become widely used in weddings, home decor, and as gifts because they stay beautiful for years.

All you need to get started is some paper and scissors. To increase your profits, you have to make high-quality flowers. For which you need to use high-quality paper, for example, Italian crêpe paper. 


3. Home Decor Made from Paper

The popularity of paper isn’t limited to flowers. People have started to appreciate paper crafts as an inexpensive way to decorate their homes that are lightweight, eco-friendly, and easy to store.

Heavy paper or lightweight cardboard can be made into a wide variety of paper home goods including lanterns, wall art, and storage baskets.

4. Scrapbook Paper Crafts

Scrapbook paper is one of the top-selling paper crafting materials. People tend to think scrapbooking is often done as a hobby, but that’s not always the case.

Skilled scrapbookers are in high demand due to their ability to capture feelings, expressions, and memories in their scrapbook papercrafts.

For increased profits, you can make scrapbooks for occasions, map family treesfrom photographs or leave blanks to fill them with their family history.

Source: TheCustomiseCompany/Etsy

5. Paper Lace

Papercutting, also known as paper lace, is a popular and high-selling paper-based craft. The reason for this is because it looks like cloth lace with the only difference being that it’s made from paper. These paper lace cutouts can be used for decorating lampshades and scrapbooks.

On the other hand, the plain notes with a border-like lace can be used as letters, tags, notes, greetings, and more. 

Source: BellasBitsAndBuys/Etsy

6. Paper Purses

There are 1000+ paper purses on sale on Etsy at an average cost of around $10 and below. Some are made from folded colored paper with ribbon handles. But the most common are paper purses in cotton black finishes.

You can also fabricate your purses for sale from strips of magazine cut-ups. Paper purses can sell online for up to $35 each, making it a stellar idea to earn from home.

Source: HandmadebySusanaArt/Etsy

7. Tyvek Paper Wallets

These paper wallets are made can be made from Tyvek, which is an incredibly strong and tough to rip type of paper. Another selling point is that this type of paper is waterproof too!

Each wallet goes for around $17 and it’s easy to design. Because of their durability, they make things more economical by reducing the cost of repair that customers are not fond of, hence increase demand.

Source: Iiisoliii/Etsy

8. Paper Jewelry

Of all materials that are used to make jewelry such as pendants, beads necklaces, and bracelets, the paper seems the strangest right? Well, the paper may be cheap but it’s a precious commodity that can make just about anything. For instance, pair of paper earrings can sell for $20+.

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